Welcome to Tech-Who

At Tech Who, we combine unparalleled expertise, with the inclusion of specialized resources to solve planned and unplanned nuances that cross sectors, industries and geographies for clients of the public sector.  Tech Who utilizes deep domain experience from former public sector leadership that fully aligns with the current status of the Federal Government operations. We pride ourselves on providing a truly catered experience through formality,  this means each project is led by an individual who has actually done the work as a Federal FTE at some point in he/she/their career. This approach allows for true client intimacy in which ideas and suggestions are free flowing and adaptive to all environments big or small.

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What Sets Us Apart?

If you love technology, have a desire to grow and advance your skills, and are looking to be part of a fun, respectable, safe, and flexible work culture, we’re exactly what you’re looking for. Tech Who's goal is to provide our clients with the best, most passionate workforce, while providing the most accommodatable work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of. Our priority never changes make people happy whether client or staff member.

Core Services

We take pride in the work we provide and the outcomes it brings for our partners.

Business & IT Consulting

Data Analysis